Recurring to-dos

In TeuxDeux, it's easy to create routines and build habits with Recurring To-Dos!

Create recurring to-dos with natural language

Enter them with natural language by adding one of the following frequencies on the end of your to-do

Just type your to-do, followed by one of the occurrences below:

  • every day (e.g. "meditate every day")
  • every other day (ex: “water plants every other day”)
  • every weekday (ex: “commute every weekday”)
  • every week (ex: “Taco Tuesday every week”)
  • every other week (ex: “payday every other week”)
  • every month (ex: “pay rent every month”)
  • every year: (ex: “it’s my birthday! every year”)

Create & edit recurring to-dos from the sidebar

You can also create and edit recurring to-dos from the sidebar by clicking the recurring icon (🔁) in the bottom left corner.

Sort recurring to-dos in your desktop browser

Recurring to-dos can be sorted by frequency in the Recurring to-do sidebar.

Delete recurring to-dos from your desktop browser:

1. Click the recurring icon (🔁) next to a recurring to-do

2. Click 'Delete all instances', then click OK to confirm


1. Click the recurring icon (🔁) in the top left corner to open the Recurring to-dos sidebar

2. Click the delete icon next to the recurring to-do you'd like to remove

Delete a recurring to-do in the mobile app:

  • Swipe left to delete.
  • Select "Remove all instances" to remove the entire series OR "Remove this instance" to delete the specific instance.